Easter is over

I've just put all the Easter shirts out of stock as they are working their way out of the stores and supply will become a problem. Yes, people were still ordering them on Tuesday after Easter. (Thanks, and we love you!) The Easter plush had been gone for weeks, unfortunately, though I hear some stores down south were still stocking them. The 3 we source from ran out early and that was that. Sorry to the people I saw in the stats who came looking at the site, reading the blog post about them being available and then wandered away.

Protip: if you see a Buc-ee's thing you want or like, better snatch it up right away because it may not be there the next time. (Example: the bobbleheads. You didn't hear about those? That's how quick they came and went.)

We are working to add more products to the site all the time. We will be adding Zuko aguas frescas and more Salt Lick products in the next few days. As always, if there's any products you're looking for or questions that you have, hit the chat or email and we'll help you out.